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Scotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II). His Majesties gracious proclamation, for ordering the prosecution of all rebels and their ressetters : for holding justice-airs, and admitting rebels not heretors, to take the test, etc

Scotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II). Act rescinding two acts, past in the last session of Parliament : the one for excepting of persons from publick trust; and the other for voting the same by billets. Edinburgh, the ninth of September, 1663

Scotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II). A declaration of the King of Scots concerning the Presbyterians : agreed upon by the Bishop of Kildare, Doctor Levan, and divers others, at a general councel held the 12th of this instant December, 1651, at Paris in France

Scotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II). His Majesties gracious letter, directed to the presbytery of Edinburgh : and by them to be communicated to the rest of the presbyteries of this kirk. Received the third of September, 1660