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Simon, Richard. The history of the original and progress of ecclesiastical revenues : wherein is handled according to the laws, both ancient and modern, whatsoever concerns matters beneficial, the regale, investitures, nominations, and other rights attributed to princes. Written in French by a learned priest. And now done into English

Simon, Richard. Disquisitiones criticae de variis per diversa loca & tempora Bibliorum editionibus. : Quibus accedunt castigationes theologi cujusdam Parisiensis ad opusculum Isa. Vossii De sibyllinis oraculis, et ejusdem responsionem ad objectiones nuperae criticae sacrae

Simon, Richard. The critical history of the versions of the New Testament. : Part II. By Father Simon of the Oratory. Together with a refutation of such passages as seem contrary to the doctrine and practice of the Church of England. Licensed, November 22. 1689. J. Fraser