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Simson, Archibald. Hieroglyphica animalium terrestrium, volatilium, natatilium, reptilium, insectorum, vegetivorum, metallorum, lapidum: &c. quae in scripturis Sacris inveniuntur ; & plurimorum aliorum, cum eorum interpretationibus, ob theologiae studiosos. Opus contextum per Archibaldum Simsonum Dalkethensis ecclesiae pastorem

Simson, Archibald. Samsons seaven lockes of haire allegorically expounded, and compared to the seauen spirituall vertues, whereby we are able to ouercome our spirituall Philistims. By M. A. Symson, minister of the euangell at Dalkeith

Simson, Archibald. Heptameron, the seven dayes: that is, meditations and prayers, vpon the vvorke of the Lords creation Together with other certaine prayers and meditations, most comfortable for all estates, & c. By M. A. Symson, minister at Dalkeith

Simson, Archibald. A godly and fruitfull exposition on the twenty five Psalme : the second of the penteniials [sic]. Seruing especially for the direction and comfort of all persons, who are either troubled in minde, diseased in bodie, or persecuted by the wicked. By Mr. A. Symson, pastor of the church at Dalkeith in Scotland

Simson, Archibald. Nobilissimo et summo heroi, musarum Mecoenati, Alexandro Setono, Fermilodunensi Comiti; Fivae & Vrquarti Domino Magno Scotiae cancellario, eucharisticon de regis & reipublicae, salute. Novem. V. Anno Dom. 1605