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Smith, Humphrey. A collection of the several writings and faithful testimonies of that suffering servant of God, and patient follower of the Lamb, Humphry Smith : who dyed a prisoner for the testimony of Jesus, in Winchester common-goal the 4th day of the 3d moneth, in the year 1663

Smith, Humphrey. Hidden things made manifest by the Light : in a plain distinction between condemnation and temptation. Wherein is shewed how the righteous law of God is ministred upon the transgressor, and how it is to be by all received and continued under, through it, as a schoolmaster to come to Christ, by him to have the sin done away for ever. Also of temptation, what it is, and how it may be known and discerned from condemnation, that out of temptation man may be delivered and kept with the light of Christ, who was tempted and did overcome. With a direction to them who profess the knowledge of the truth, and live not in the power of God, that they may know the entrance within the vail, where the temptations are overcome, and where the foolish virgins cannot enter. Given forth for such who say they see, and yet their sin remaineth; ... By a member of the Church and body of Christ, for whose sake I suffer bonds in the common goal and house of correction at Winchester, where my name is written, Humphry Smith