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Smith, Richard. A bouclier of the catholike fayth of Christes church : conteynyng diuers matters now of late called into controuersy, by the newe gospellers. Made by Richard Smith, doctour of diuinitee, [and] the Quenes hyghnes reader of the same I her graces vniuersite of oxford

Smith, Richard. The assertion and defence of the sacramente of the aulter. Compyled and made by mayster Richard Smythe doctour of diuinitie, and reader of the Kynges maiesties lesson in his graces vniuersitie of Oxforde, dedicate vnto his hyghnes, beynge the excellent and moost worthy defendour of Christes faythe

Smith, Richard. A brief treatyse : settynge forth diuers truthes necessary both to be beleued of chrysten people, [and] kepte also, whiche are not expressed in the Scripture but left to [the] church by the apostles traditio[n]. Made by Rychard Smyth doctour of diuinite, [and] reader of it i [sic] Oxford. Cu[m] priuilegio ad imprimendu[m] solu[m]