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Smith, Samuel. Three pious & religious treatises : viz. 1. Noah's doue. 2. Christs preparation to his owne death. 3. A Christian taske. The third impression, corrected and amended by the authour Samuel Smith, minister of Gods word

Smith, Samuel. Ioseph and his mistresse. : The faithfulnesse of the one, and the vnfaithfulnesse of the other: laid downe in fiue sermons vpon the thirtie nine chapter of Genesis: the seuenth, eighth, and ninth verses, &c. By Samuel Smith, minister of Gods word at Prittlewell in Essex

Smith, Samuel. Dauids blessed man, or, A short exposition vpon the first Psalme : directing a man to true happinesse : wherein the estate and condition of all man-kind is laid downe, both for this life, and that which is to come

Smith, Samuel. The great assize: or, Day of jubilee : in which we must make a general account of all our actions before Almighty God. Delivered in four sermons upon the 20 chapter of the Revelations; plainly shewing the happy state of the godly, and the woful condition of the wicked. Whereunto is annexed two sermons upon the first chapter of the Canticles, vers. 6,7. By the author Samuel Smith; minister of the Word