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Smith, Samuel. Dauids blessed man, or, A short exposition vpon the first Psalme : directing a man to true happinesse : wherein the estate and condition of all man-kind is laid downe, both for this life, and that which is to come

Smith, Samuel. Ioseph and his mistresse. : The faithfulnesse of the one, and the vnfaithfulnesse of the other: laid downe in fiue sermons vpon the thirtie nine chapter of Genesis: the seuenth, eighth, and ninth verses, &c. By Samuel Smith, minister of Gods word at Prittlewell in Essex

Smith, Samuel. Three pious & religious treatises : viz. 1. Noah's doue. 2. Christs preparation to his owne death. 3. A Christian taske. The third impression, corrected and amended by the authour Samuel Smith, minister of Gods word