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Stoughton, John. Seaven sermons : preached vpon severall occasions. Viz. 1 The Christians prayer for the Churches peace. One sermon on Psal. 122.6. 2 One sermon on 1 Sam. 2.30 3 Baruchs sore gently opened; Gods salve skilfully applyed. In two sermons on Jeremy 45.5. 4 The araignement of coveteousnesse. In three sermons on Luke 12.15. By John Stoughton, Doctor in Divinitie, late of Aldermanburie, London

Stoughton, John. The Christians prayer for the churches peace. Or, A sermon vpon Psal. 122. ver. 6. : Preached at Mercers Chappell. By John Stoughton. Doctor in Divinity, late of Aldermanbury, London