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Taylor, Thomas. Dauids learning, or The vvay to true happinesse : in a commentarie vpon the 32. Psalme. Preached and now published by T.T. late fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge. To which is prefixed the table of method of the whole Psalme, and annexed an alphabeticall table of the chiefe matters in the commentarie

Taylor, Thomas. Iaphets first publique perswasion into Sems tents: or Peters sermon, which was the first generall calling of the Gentiles, preached before Cornelius. Expounded in Cambridge by Thomas Taylor, and now published for the further vse of the Church of God

Taylor, Thomas. A mappe of Rome : liuely exhibiting her mercilesse meeknesse, and cruell mercies to the Church of God: preached in fiue sermons, on occasion of the Gunpowder Treason, by T.T. and now published by W.I. minister. 1. The Romish furnace. 2. The Romish Edom. 3. The Romish fowler. 4. The Romish conception. To which is added, 5. The English gratulation

Taylor, Thomas. The principles of Christian practice. : Containing the institution of a Christian man, in twelve heads of doctrine: which are set downe in the next side. By Thomas Taylor D.D. and late pastor of Aldermanbury London. Perfected by himselfe before his decease