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Torshell, Samuel. A designe about disposing the Bible into an harmony. Or, An essay, concerning the transposing the order of books and chapters of the holy Scriptures for the reducing of all into a continued history. : The benefits. Difficultie. Helpes. By Samuel Torshel

Torshell, Samuel. The three questions of free iustification. Christian liberty. The use of the law. : Explicated in a briefe comment on St. Paul to the Galatians, from the 16. ver. of the second chapter, to the 26. of the third. By Sam. Torshell pastor of Bunbury in Cheshire

Torshell, Samuel. A case of conscience, concerning flying in times of trouble. : Resolved according to the Scriptures, and the examples of holy men. Applyed to the present times and occasions. This treatise I judge very necessary for these times, and therefore very fit to be printed. Edm. Calamy