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Turner, John. Joannis Turneri ecclesiae Anglicanae presbyteri sacerdotis et nosocomii regalis quod est ad D. Thomae in suburbano Londinensi regii sacellani contra nefandum transubstantiationis dogma dissertatio : A.D. XI. Kal. Maias, anni MDCLXXXI. In publico Cantabrigiensium gymnasio recitata

Turner, John. A discourse of the divine omnipresence and its consequences : delivered in a sermon before the honourable Society of Lincolnes-Inn, upon the first Sunday of this Michaelmas term. By John Turner, late Fellow of Christs-College in Cambridge

Turner, John. Two discourses introductory to a disquisition : demonstrating the unlawfulness of the marriage of cousin germans: from law, reason, Scripture, and antiquity. By John Turner, late Fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge