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Véron, John. A dictionarie in Latine and English : heretofore set forth by Master Iohn Veron, and now newlie corrected and enlarged, for the vtilitie and profit of all yoong students in the Latine toong, as by further search therein they shall find: by R.W

Véron, John. The huntynge of Purgatorye to death, made dialogewyse, by Ihon Veron Senonoys. Newly setfoorth and alowed, accordinge too the order appoynted in the Quenes Maiesties iniunctions

Véron, John. The godly saiyngs of the old auncient faithful fathers vp on the Sacrament of the bodye and bloude of Chryste. Newlye compyled and translated oute of Latin intoo English. By Ihon Veron Senonoys

Véron, John. A fruteful treatise of predestination, and of the deuyne prouidence of god : as far forth as the holy scriptures and word of god shal lead vs, and an answer made to all the vain and blasphemous obiections that the Epicures and Anabaptistes of our time canne make. Set forth dialoge wise, by Ihon Veron