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Viret, Pierre. The vvorlde possessed with deuils : conteinyng three dialogues. 1. Of the Deuill let loose. 2. Of blacke deuils. 3. Of white deuils. And of the commyng of Iesus Christe to iudgement, a verie necessarie and comfortable discourse for these miserable and daungerous daies

Viret, Pierre. The second part of the demoniacke vvorlde, or worlde possessed with diuels : conteining three dialogues: 1. Of familiar diuels. 2. Of lunaticke diuels. 3. Of the coniuring of diuels. Translated out of French into English by T.S. Gentleman

Viret, Pierre. A verie familiare [and] fruiteful exposition of the .xii. articles of the christian faieth conteined in the co[m]mune crede, called the Apostles Crede : made in dialoges, wherein thou maiste learne al thinges necessarie to be beleued. Compiled bi Peter viret a frenche man [and] translated in to englishe