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Whitby, Daniel. The fallibility of the Roman Church : demonstrated from the manifest error of the 2d Nicene & Trent Councils, which assert, that the veneration and honorary worship of images, is a tradition primitive and apostolical. Imprimatur. Maii 28. 1687. Guil. Needham

Whitby, Daniel. A discourse concerning the idolatry of the Church of Rome : wherein that charge is justified; and the pretended refutation of Dr. Stillingfleet's discourse is answered. By Daniel Whitby, D.D

Whitby, Daniel. A letter from a city-minister to a Member of the High and Honourable Court of Parliament, concerning the present affairs. : Being a vindication of the Church of England-clergy, for their owning and praying for K. William & Q. Mary

Whitby, Daniel. A discourse, confirming the truth and certainty of the Christian faith from the extraordinary gifts and operations of the Holy Ghost : vouchsafed to the Apostles and primitive professors of that faith· By Daniel Whitby, D.D. and chantor of the Church of Sarum