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Tachard, Guy. A relation of the voyage to Siam· : Performed by six Jesuits, sent by the French King, to the Indies and China, in the year, 1685. With their astrological observations, and their remarks of natural philosophy, geography, hydrography, and history. Published in the original, by the express orders of His most christian Majesty. And now made English, and illustrated with sculptures

Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. A perfect list of the several persons residenters in Scotland : who have subscribed as adventurers in the joynt-stock of the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies ... Edinburgh ... 1696

C. K., Unfeigned and hearty lover of England. Some seasonable and modest thoughts partly occasioned by, and partly concerning the Scots East-India Company· : Humbly offered to R.H. Esq. a member of the present Parliament. By an unfeigned and hearty lover of England