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Dekker, Thomas. Iests to make you merie with the coniuring vp of Cock VVatt, (the walking spirit of Newgate) to tell tales. Vnto which is added, the miserie of a prison, and a prisoner. And a paradox in praise of serieants. Written by T.D. and George Wilkins

Rowlands, Samuel. A crew of kind London gossips : all met to be merry. Complaining of their husbands. With their husbands answer in their own defence to which is added ingenious poems. Or wit and drollery. Written and newly enlarged by S.R

Pasquil. Pasquils iestes : mixed with Mother Bunches merriments. Whereunto is added a bakers doozen of guiles. Very prettie and pleasant, to driue away the tediousnesse of a winters evening