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Homilius, Abraham. Epithalamion in honorem nuptiarum clarissimi & doctissimi viri Domini Magistri Matthaei Blochingeri, linguae Ebraeae in Academia Vitebergensi professoris, iterum sponsi, & sponsae eius pudicissimae Annae, filiae honesti viri Iacobi Vogelij ciuis Torgensis

Hettenbach, Georg. Epithalamium in nuptias clarissimi et doctissimi viri auunculi sui M. Matthaei Blochingeri, professoris pub. in Academia Vitebergensi, & pudicissimae virginis Annae, filiae honestissimi viri Iacobi Vogelij ciuis Torgensis piè defuncti

England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I). By the King. A proclamation for suppressing insolent abuses committed by base people against persons of qualitie, aswell strangers as others, in the streetes of the citie and suburbes of London, with the parts adiacent