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Askew, Anne. The first examinacio[n] of Anne Askewe : latelye martired in Smythfelde, by the Romyshe popes vpholders, wyth the elucydacyon of Iohan Bale

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Crowley, Robert. The confutation of. xiii. articles, wherunto Nicolas Shaxton, late byshop of Salilburye [sic] subscribed and caused to be set forth in print the yere of our Lorde. M.C.xlvi. [sic] : whe[n] he recanted in Smithfielde at London at the burning of mestres Anne Askue, which is liuely set forth in the figure folowynge. In the nexte page shalt thou finde the contentes of thys little boke

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Askew, Anne. The first examinacyon of Anne Askewe : latelye martyred in Smythfelde, by the Romysh popes vpholders, with the elucydacyon of Iohan Bale