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Robinson, John. A defence of the doctrine propounded by the synode at Dort : against Iohn Murton and his associates, in a treatise intuled [sic]; A description what God, &c. With the refutation of their answer to a writing touching baptism. By Iohn Robinson

Joye, George. A frutefull treatis of baptyme [sic] and the Lordis Souper : of the vse and effect of them, of the worthey and vnworthy receyuers of the souper, necessary to be knowne of all Christen men, which yerely receyue the sacrament

Leslie, Charles. A discourse proving the divine institution of water-baptism : wherein the Quaker-arguments against it, are collected and confuted. With as much as is needful concerning the Lord's supper. By the author of, The snake in the grass