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Warme beere, or A treatise wherein is declared by many reasons, that beere so qualified is farre more wholsome then that which is drunke cold. : With a confutation of such objections that are made against it; published for the preservation of health

Short, Thomas. Vinum Britannicum: or, an essay on the properties and effects of malt liquors. : Wherein is considered, in what cases, and to what constitutions, they are either beneficial or injurious. With a plain mechanical account, how they are serviceable or disserviceable to human bodies. By a physician in the country

England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I). By the Queene. A proclamation forbidding the transportation and carriage of all manner of graine and beere out of the realme, to endure vntill the next Michaelmas hereafter following. The viij. of October, 1590

Lover of his country. Reasons most humbly submitted to the wisdom of Parliament for the taking off the present duty of excise upon beer and ale, and laying the duty upon the original malt : which is designed by a lover of his country, for the equal service, benefit, and advantage both of the Crown and of the subject