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Brightman, Thomas. A reuelation of the reuelation that is, the reuelation of St. Iohn opened clearely With a logicall resolution and exposition. Wherein the sense is cleared, out of the scripture, the euent also of thinges foretold is discused out of the church-historyes. By Thomas Brightman

Ames, William. Bellarminus eneruatus, siue Disputationes anti-Bellarminianae in illustri Frisiorum Academia, quae est Franckerae, publice habitae a Guilielmo Amesio, Theologiae Doctore. In quatuor tomos divisus

Abbot, Robert. Antichristi demonstratio, contra fabulas pontificias, & ineptam Roberti Bellarmini de Antichristo disputationem. Authore Roberto Abbatto, Oxoniensi, olim è Collegio Baliolensi, Sacae Theologiae Professore ...