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Nicolls, Philip. Here begynneth a godly newe story of .xii. men that moyses (by the co[m]maundement of god) sent to spye owt the land of canaan : of whiche .xii. onely Iosua and Caleb, wer found faythful messengers

Castellion, Sébastien. Good and true A holy collection made out of the Old and New Testament. Diuided into foure bookes of conference, or discourse. Accompanied with pithy sentences, as morall obseruations vpon euery dialogue. Pleasant and profitable

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Kinde Kit, of Kingstone. VVestward for smelts. Or, the vvater-mans fare of mad-merry vvestern wenches : whose tongues albeit like bell-clappers, they neuer leaue ringing, yet their tales are svveet, and will much content you. VVriten by Kinde Kit of Kingstone