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A second continuation of the compleat catalogue of stitch'd books and single sheets printed since the first discovery of the Popish Plot : (September 1678.) from the 24th of June to Michaelmas term 1680. The continuation is intended to be publish'd every term

Lauderdale, Richard Maitland, Earl of. Catalogus librorum instructissimae bibliothecae nobilis cujusdam Scoto-Britanni in quavis lingua & facultate insignium : quibus adjicitur figurarum manu-delineatarum, nec non tabularum aere incisarum per celeberrimos artis chalcographicae magistros collectio refertissima. Quorum auctio habenda est Londini, ad insigne Ursi in vico (vulgò dicto) Ave-Mary-Lane, propè Ludgate-street, tricessimo die Octobris, 1688. Per Benj. Walford, bibliop. Lond