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The popish champion: or, A compleat history of the life and military actions of Richard Earl of Tyrconnel, generalissimo of all the Irish forces now in arms. : Wherein you have a true account of his birth and education, his advancement and honours, his treacherous disarming the Protestants, and cruelties towards them. The progress of his arms; the towns he has taken and demolish'd, and the families he has ruin'd. Together with a relation of all the skirmishes, battels, sieges, and remarkable transactions which have hapned under his government; with the particulars of the late bloody fight in the north, the manner of the late King's landing at Kinsaile, with what remarkable has hapned since. As also a brief description of the Kingdom of Ireland in its provinces, principal towns, fortresses, situation and present deplorable state; the means how it came to be a conquer'd kingdom, with the sundry rebellions made by the natives against the Crown of England, and by what means reduced. Written for the present satisfaction of all good Protestants, and dedicated to the officers in his Majesties army, and all the rest of the gentlemen souldiers now going against Tyrconnel. To this treatise is added the life and memorable actions of Father Petre, &c. Publish'd with allowance