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Gifford, George. A short treatise against the Donatists of England, whome we call Brownists. : Wherein, by the answeres vnto certayne writings of theyrs, diuers of their heresies are noted, with sundry fantasticall opinions. By George Giffard, Minister of Gods holy Word in Maldon

Learned and Judicious Divine. A guide unto Sion. Or cectaine [sic] positions, concerning a true visible church. : Wherein the nature of a true church is so plainely described, as all men may easily discerne the same from false assemblies. Written by a learned and judicious divine

White, Thomas. A discoverie of Brovvnisme: or, a brief declaration : of some of the errors and abhominations daily practiced and increased among the English company of the seperation remayning for the present at Amsterdam in Holland. By Thomas White