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Penkethman, John. The purchasers pinnace, or, the bargainees brigantine. Bearing each boarder to terra frugi, or thrifts territories. : Substantially shadowed in a new inuented arithmeticall table. Plainely ... declaring the present worth of any rent, lease, or annuitie in possession or reuersion. Most vsefull aswell for the seller as the buyer, that neither of them may be ouer-reacht. Also, Penkethman his president, or, the new art of accompt: deciphered in the money-masters map. Which conteineth a two-fold index of interest money, at 8.P. and 10.P. per cent. ... Neuer to be altered vpon any future impression, ... Whereunto is annexed 1 A table shewing the remedies or allowances vpon all sorts of light or baser golden coynes; ... 2 A plaine direction for the easie computing of interest at 7.li. 10.s. 7.li. 6.li. 13.s. 4.d. and 6.li. per cent. ... Besides the authors admonition, conteining a caueat for the auoyding of sundrie erroneous tables extant, and diners [sic] needfull instructions touching purchases and accompts, ... Inuented and composed by Iohn Penkethman publike writer