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Humphrey, Laurence. Ioannis Iuelli Angli, Episcopi Sarisburiensis vita & mors eiusq[ue] verae doctrinae defensio, cum refutatione quorundam obiectorum, Thomae Hardingi, Nicol. Sanderi, Alani Copi, Hieronymi Osorij Lusitani, Pontaci Burdegalensis. Laurentio Humfredo s. theologiae apud Oxonienses professore regio, autore

Elderton, William. An epytaphe vppon the death of the right reuerend and learned father in God I. Iuell, doctor of diuinitie and bishop of Sarisburie, whom God called to his marcie the 22. of September. 1571