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Warming stone

Carew, Richard, Sir. Excellent helps really found out, tried and had, (whereof the parties hereafter mentioned are true and sufficient witnesses, by a warming-stone in his case, which not costing much, will save much cost in fire, and withall avoid the danger of fire. : And likewise is very usefull and comfortable for the colds of aged and sick people, and for women with child or in child-bed, and for sucking and young children, and such as have their hearing and seeing decaying, and for the toothache, sore throats, and the cold fits of agues. As also for fluxes, rheumes, collicks, ruptures, and many other infirmities, or any cold diseases; and for those that in beds, studies, shops, ships, churches or elsewhere have need of heat, yet cannot conveniently make use of fire. And likewise for the poor, when having no fire of their own, they may borrow the heating of this stone at a neighbours fire, if his charity be not altogether cold. Published by Sir Richard Carew Barronet, for the honour of God from whom every good gift comes, and for the good of all people, from the new-born babe to the decrepit and decaying old man