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Lémery, Nicolas. A course of chymistry : containing an easie method of preparing those chymical medicins which are used in physick. With curious remarks and useful discourses upon each preparation, for the benefit of such as desire to be instructed in the knowledge of this art. By Nicholas Lemery, M.D

Cooper, William. The philosophical epitaph of W.C. Esquire. : For a memento mori on his tomb-stone. VVith three hieroglyphical scutcheons, and their philosophical motto's, and explanation; with the philosophical mercury, nature of seed, and life, and growth of metalls; and a discovery of the immortal liquor alchahest. The salt of tartar volatized, and other elixirs, with their differences. Also, A brief of the golden calf (the worlds idol.) discovering the rarest miracle in nature, how by the smallest proportion of the Philosophers-Stone a great piece of common lead was totally transmuted into the purest transplendent gold at the Hague 1666. by Jo. Fr. Helvetius and, The golden ass well managed, and Midas restor'd to reason; or, a new chymical light, demonstrating ... that good gold may be ... profitably extracted out of sand, stones, gravel, and flints, &c. ... Written by Jo. Rod. Glauber. With Jehior. aurora sapientiae, or, the day-dawning or light of wisdom, containing the three principles or original of all things; whereby are discovered the great and many mysteries in God, nature, and the elements, hitherto hid, now revealed. All published by W.C. Esquire. With a catalogue of chymical books