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Rogers, Richard. The practice of Christianitie. Or An epitomie of seuen treatises : penned and published in the yeare 1633 [sic]. by that reuerend and faithfull pastor M. R.R. late preacher of Wethersfield in Essex, tending to that end. Contracted long since for priuate vse, and now published for the benefite of such, as either want leisure to reade, or meanes to prouide larger volumes

Thorndike, Herbert. Just weights and measures : that is, the present state of religion weighed in the balance, and measured by the standard of the sanctuary, according to the opinion of Herbert Thorndike

Bruno, Giordano. Spaccio de la bestia trionfante proposto da Gioue, effettuato dal conseglo, reuelato da Mercurio, recitato da Sophia, Vdito da Saulino, registrato dal Nolano. Diuiso in tre dialogi, subdiuisi in tre parti. Consecrato al molto illustre et eccellente Caualliero Sig. Philippo Sidneo