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Nicanor, Lysimachus. The epistle congratulatorie of Lysimachus Nicanor of the Societie of Jesu, to the Covenanters in Scotland VVherin is paralleled our sweet harmony and correspondency in divers materiall points of doctrine and practice

Marvell, Andrew. An account of the growth of popery, and arbitrary government in England. : More particularly, from the long prorogation, of November, 1675, ending the 15th. of February 1676, till the last meeting of Parliament, the 16th. of July 1677

Preston, Thomas. Apologia Cardinalis Bellarmini pro iure principum Aduersus suas ipsius rationes pro auctoritate papali principes seculares in ordine ad bonum spirituale deponendi. Authore Rogero VVidringtono Catholico Anglo