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England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I). By the King. A proclamation signifying his Maiesties pleasure, to confirme by all meanes the estates of his subiects against all defects in their assurances, and all concealed titles

Teellinck, Willem. The ballance of the sanctuarie : shewing hovv vve must behaue our selues when wee see and behold the people of God in miserie and oppression vnder the tyranny of their enemies. Written by William Teelinck, minister of the Word of God at Midlebrough in Zealand

Salvian, of Marseilles. Sancti Saluiani Massiliensis presbyteri De gubernatione Dei, et de iusto praesentiq[ue] ejus judicio ad S. Salonium Episcopum, libri VIII. Eiusdem Epistolarum lib. I. Timothei nomine ad Ecclesiam Catholic. lib. IV. Cum duplici indice