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Cradock, Walter. Divine drops distilled from the fountain of Holy Scriptures : delivered in several exercises before sermons, upon twenty and three texts of Scripture. By that worthy gospel preacher Gualter Cradock, late preacher at All-Hallows Great in London

A vindication of the presbyteriall-government, and ministry : together, with an exhortation, to all the ministers, elders, and people, within the bounds of the province of London, whether joyning with us, or separating from us. Published, by the ministers, and elders, met together in a provinciall assembly, Novemb. 2d. 1649. Wherein, amongst other things, these ensuing particulars are contained; 1. That there is a Church-government, by divine right. 2. That the magistrate, is not the fountain of Church-government. 3. That the presbyterial-government, is by divine right. 4. The inconveniencies of the congregationall-way. 5. That the ruling-elder is by divine right. 6. That it is the will of Jesus Christ, that all sorts of persons should give an account of their faith, to the minister, and elders, before admission to the Lords Supper; ... 7. Directions to the elders, for the right managing of their office. 8. Directions to such as are admitted to the Lords Supper, ... 9. Rules to preserve people, from the errours of these times. 10. That separation from our churches, is justly charged with schisme. 11. That ministers formerly ordained by bishops, need no new ordination. 12. The necessity and usefulness of catechizing. Licensed, entred, and printed according to order