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Perkins, William. The first part of The cases of conscience. : Wherein specially, three maine questions concerning man, simply considered in himselfe, are propounded and resolued, according to the word of God. Taught and deliuered, by M. William Perkins in his Holy-day lectures, by himselfe revised before his death, and now published for the benefit of the Church

Sprint, John. The christian sword and buckler, Or, A letter sent by D. Sprint, to a man seauen yeares grieuously afflicted in conscience, and fearefully troubled in minde. Very comfortabe [sic] and commodious to withstand the assaults of Satan

Fisher, Edward. An appeale to thy conscience : as thou wilt answere it at the great and dreadfull day of Christ Iesus

Bourne, Immanuel. The anatomie of conscience. : Or a threefold reuelation of those three most secret bookes: 1. The booke of Gods prescience. 2. The booke of mans conscience. 3. The booke of life. In a sermon preached at the generall assises holden at Derby, in Lent last. 1623. By Immanuel Bourne ...

Saint German, Christopher. Two dialogues in English : between a doctor of divinity, and a student in the laws of England, of the grounds of the said laws, and of conscience. Newly revised and re-printed

Hughes, John. St. Pauls exercise, or, A sermon of conscience. : Describing the nature of it; and declaring the manner and meanes how to obtaine, and retaine, a good conscience. Preached by Iohn Hughes, Doctor in Diuinitie