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Sanderson, Robert. De obligatione conscientiae praelectiones decem : Oxonii in scholâ theologicâ habitae anno. Dom. MDCXLVII. A Roberto Sandersono, S. Theologiae ibidem professore regio, et ab eodem exprofesore, nunc primùm editae

Ward, Samuel. Balme from Gilead to recouer conscience. : In a sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse, Octob. 20. 1616. By Samuel Ward, Bach. of Diuinitie, and preacher of Ipswich

Dyke, Jeremiah. Tvvo treatises : the one of good conscience; shewing the nature, meanes, marks, benefits, and necessitie thereof. The other The mischiefe and misery of scandalls, both taken and given. Both published by Ier. Dyke, minister of Gods word at Epping in Essex