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Booth, William. The compleat sollicitor : performing his duty: and teaching his clyent to run through and manage his own business, as well in His Majesties superiour courts at Westminster, as in the Mayor's Court, Court of Hustings, and other inferiour courts, both in the city of London and elswhere

The compleat sollicitor

The practick part of the law : shewing the office of a compleat attorney in the full prosecution of any action, whether reall, personall, or mixt; (from the very originall to the execution) in all courts: with the exact fees of all officers and ministers of the courts. Together with speciall instructions for the solicitation of any cause in Chancery, or elsewhere, relating to the present government; being usefull for all men

England. Thys is a true copy of the ordynau[n]ce made in the tyme of the reygne of kynge Henry the. vi. to be obserued in the kynges eschequier, by the offycers and clerkes of the same, for takynge of fees of the kynges accomptes in the same courtes