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Kriegl, Georg Christoph. Erb-Huldigung, welche der allerdurchleuchtigst-grossmächtigsten Frauen, Frauen Mariae Theresiae zu Hungarn und Böheim Königin, als Ertz-Herzogin zu Oesterreich, von denen gesammten Nider-Oesterreichischen Ständen ... abgeleget den 22. Novembris Anno 1740

Lamb, Patrick. Royal-cookery, or, The compleat court-cook : containing the choicest receipts in all the several branches of cookery ... : as likewise forty plates, curiously engraven on copper, of the magnificent entertainments at coronations and instalments, of balls, weddings, &c. at court, as likewise of city-feasts : to which are added bills of fare for every month of the year