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Hickeringill, Edmund. Gregory, Father-Greybeard, with his vizard off : or, News from the Cabal in some reflexions upon a late pamphlet entituled, The rehearsal transpros'd. (After the fashion that now obtains) In a letter to our old friend, R.L. from E.H

Stillingfleet, Edward. A discourse concerning the unreasonableness of a new separation, on account of the oaths. : With an answer to the history of passive obedience, so far as relates to them. Licens'd, October the 25th. 1689

Norris, John. A discourse concerning the pretended religious assembling in private conventicles : wherein the unlawfulness and unreasonableness of it is fully evinced by several arguments. By John Norris M.A. and late rector of Aldbourn in the county of Wilts