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Albert Durer revived: or, a book of drawing, limning, washing, or colouring of maps and prints: and the art of painting : with the names and mixtures of colours used by the picture-drawers. With directions how to lay and paint pictures upon glass. Or, the young-man's time well spent. In which he hath the ground-work to make him fit for doing any thing by hand, when he is able to draw well. By the use of this work you may draw all parts of a man, legs, arms, hands, and feet, severally and together. And directions for birds, beasts, landskips, ships, and the like. Moreover, grounds to lay silver or gold upon, and how silver and gold shall be laid or limned upon size, ... Very useful for all handicrafts, and ingenuous gentlemen and youths

Peacham, Henry. The compleat gentleman. : Fashioning him absolut, in the most necessary and commendable qualities concerning minde or body, that may be required in a noble gentleman. Whereunto is annexed a description of the order of a maine battaile or pitched field, eight severall wayes: with the art of limming and other additions newly enlarged. By Henry Peacham Master of Arts: sometime of Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge