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Browne, Alexander. Ars pictoria: or An academy treating of drawing, painting, limning, and etching. : To which are added thirty copper plates expressing the choicest, nearest and most exact grounds and rules of symetry; collected out of the most eminent Italian, German, and Netherland authors. By Alexander Browne, practicioner of the Art of limning, and published for all ingenious gentlemen and artists

Albert Durer revived: or, a book of drawing, limning, washing, or colouring of maps and prints: and the art of painting

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Amman, Jost. Kunnst vnd Lehrbüchlein für die anfahenden Jungen daraus Reissen vnd Malen zu lernen : darinnen allerleij artlustige vnd artliche für reissung von Man[n]s vnd Weibsbildern dessgleichen von Kindlein Thierlein und andern Stucklein