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Starkey, William. An apology for the laws ecclesiastical established : that command our publick exercise in religion; and, a serious enquiry, whether penalties be reasonably determined against recusancy. By William Starkey, D.D. rector of Pulham in Norfolk

England and Wales. Sovereign (1694-1702 : William III). Injunctions given by the Kings Majesty to the archbishops of this realm : to be communicated by them to the bishops and the rest of the clergy. Published by His Majesties special command

Hickeringill, Edmund. The naked truth : The second part. In several inquiries concerning the canons and ecclesiastical jurisdiction, canonical obedience, convocations, procurations, synodals and visitations: also of the Church of England, and church-wardens, and the oath of church-wardens. And of sacriledge

Lake, Edward, Sir. Memoranda: touching the oath ex officio, pretended self-accusation, and canonical purgation. : Together with some notes about the making of some new, and alteration and explanation of some old, laws. All most humbly submitted to the consideration of this Parliament. By Edw. Lake, Philo-Monarcho-phil

Hughes, William. Parsons lavv: or A view of advowsons. : Wherein is contained, the rights of the patrons, ordinaries and incumbents, to advowsons of churches, and benefices with cure of souls, and other spiritual promotions. Collected out of the whole body of the common law, and some late reports in the ninth year of the late King Charls the First. By William Hughes of Grayes-Inn Esquire

Godolphin, John. Repertorium canonicum, or, An abridgment of the ecclesiastical laws of this realm consistent with the temporal : wherein the most material points relating to such persons and things, as come within the cognizance thereof, are succinctly treated