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Chauncy, Isaac. Examen confectionis pacificae: or, a friendly examination of the pacifick paper : chiefly concerning the consistency of absolute election of particular persons with the universality of redemption; and, the conditionality of the covenant of grace. Wherein also the new scheme is clearly declared

Bunyan, John. Reprobation asserted: or, The doctrine of eternal election and reprobation unfolded and explained in eleven chapters. : Shewing I. That there is a reprobation. II. What approbation is. III. The antiquity Iv. The causes V. The unchangeableness or reprobation. VI. Whether reprobation be the same with being appointed before-hand unto eternal condemnation? If not, how do they differ? Also whether reprobation be the cause of condemnation? VII. Whether ant under eternal reprobation have just cause to quarrel with God for not electing of them? VIII. Whether the doctrine of eternal reprobation be an hindrance to any man in seeking his salvation? IX. Whether the gospel ought to be preach'd to those that are bound up under eternal reprobation? X. Whether it be possible for those not elected to receive the gospel and be saved? XI. Why does God command the gospel to be tendred to the reprobate, seeing it is impossible they should receive it? Wherein the most material objections against this doctrine are answered, several doubts removed, and sundry cases of conscience resolved. By that late eminent preacher, Mr. John Bunyan of Bedford, author of the Pilgrim's Progress