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Berkshire, Charles Howard, Earl of. A true copy of the Lord Andevers two speeches to the Lords in Parliament ; the one concerning the Star-Chamber; the other concerning the pacification: both which were formerly corrupted and abused by a false copy printed

Crompton, Richard. Star-chamber cases. : Shewing what causes properly belong to the cognizance of that court. Collected for the most part out of Mr. Crompton his booke, entituled, The jurisdiction of divers courts

R. G. Instructor clericalis : the first part. Directing clerks both in the Court of Kings-Bench and Common-Pleas. In the abbreviation and contraction of words, (and thereby the speedy reading of presidents) in the filling up and suing out writs of first process, in drawing declarations, making up issues, ingrossing records, entring judgments and suing out executions; also pleas and demurrers, &c. With an addition of many special notes and observations in the Court of Common-Pleas, alphabetically digested