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Hoddesdon, John. Sion and Parnassus, or Epigrams on severall texts of the Old and New Testament. : To which are added, A poem on the Passion. A hymn on the resurrection, ascention, and feast of Pentecost. By John Hoddesdon

A helpe to discourse. Or A misselany of seriousnesse with merriment. : Consisting of witty philosophicall, grammaticall, and astronomicall questions and ansvvers. As also, of epigrams, epitaphs, riddles, and jests. Together with The countreymans counsellour, next his yearely oracle or prognostication to consult with. Contayning diuers necessary rules and obseruations, of much vse and consequence beeing knowne

Peacham, Henry. Thalia's banquet : furnished with an hundred and odde dishes of newly deuised epigrammes, whereunto (beside many worthy friends) are inuited all that loue in offensiue mirth, and the Muses. By H.P