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Day, Martin. Doomes-Day: or, A treatise of the resurrection of the body. : Delivered in 22. sermons on 1. Cor. 15. Whereunto are added 7. other sermons, on 1. Cor. 16. By the late learned and iudicious divine, Martin Day ...

Kellett, Edward. Miscellanies of divinitie : divided into three books, wherein is explained at large the estate of the soul in her origination, separation, particular judgement, and conduct to eternall blisse or torment. By Edvvard Kellet Doctour in Divinitie, and one of the canons of the Cathedrall Church of Exon

Manchester, Henry Montagu, Earl of. Manchester al mondo. : Contemplatio mortis, et immortalitatis. A contemplation of death and immortality. The seventh impression much enlarged, with the Latine sentences rendred into English