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England and Wales. Parliament. Six severall orders of the Lords and Commons, assembled in Parliament. : Viz. (1.) An order for punishing of such collectors or receivors, as shall misimploy any moneyes, plate or other goods, collected by any act, orother goods, collected by any act or ordinance of Parliament. (2.) An order for reducing Newcastle, and the parts adjacent. (3.) An addition to the ordinance for sequestration of the estates of Papists, and notorious delinquents, within the county of Sussex. (4.) An order for the apprehension of any agent or servant of any persons, that beare Armes against the Parliament, presuming to come to Westminster, or recide in, or about London. (5.) An order concerning souldiers, under his Excellencies command. (6.) An order for provision of beds, and other necessaries for maymed and sicke souldiers, within the counties of Berks, Buckingham, Middlesex, and Surrey, or other places, where the said souldiers shall reside. Also a declaration of the Lords and Commons, concerning such apprentices as have or shall list themselves, to serve as souldiers in this present expedition, under the command of His Excellency the Earle of Essex. Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that these orders and declarations be printed and published, H.Elsing.Cler.Parl.D Com

The hearse of the renowned, the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex and Ewe, Viscount Hereford, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourchier and Lovaine, sometime Captaine Lord Generall of the armies raised for the defence of King and Parliament.