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Oliver, Edward. A sermon preach'd in St. Paul's Cathedral, before the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, &c. on Sunday, October 23. 1698. : By Edward Oliver, M.A. Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; and chaplain to the Right Honourable George Earl of Northampton

Preston, John. Life eternall or, A treatise of the knowledge of the divine essence and attributes. : Delivered in XVIII. sermons. By the late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ, Iohn Preston, D. in Divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, Master of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolns Inne

Norris, John. Letters concerning the love of God : between the author of the Proposal to the ladies and Mr. John Norris: wherein his late discourse, shewing that it ought to be intire and exclusive of all other loves, is further cleared and justified. Published by J. Norris, M.A. Rector of Bemerton near Sarum

Hutchinson, Roger. The image of God, or laie mans boke : in which the right knowledge of God is disclosed, and diuerse doubtes besides the principal matter, made by Roger Hutchinson. 1550