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Champier, Symphorien. Practica noua in medicina, aggregatoris Lugdune[n]sis Domini Simphoriani Cha[m]perij de omnibus morborum generibus ex traditionibus Grecorum, Latinorum, Arabum, Penorum ac recentium auctorum, Aurei libri quinque ; item eiusdem aggregatoris Liber de omnibus generibus febrium

Diatribae duae medico-philosophicae, quarum prior agit de fermentatione siue de motu intestino particularum in quovis corpore.

Observations on fevers and febrifuges. Written in French by Monsieur Spon, one of the most eminent physicians of Lyons; upon occasion of reading a book entituled, The discovery of the admirable English remedy. Now made English, by J. Berrie

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