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Cleaver, Robert. The patrimony of Christian children: or, a defence of infants babtisme prooued to be consonant to the scriptures and will of God (against the erroneons [sic] positions of the Anabaptists.[)] By Robert Cleaver, with the ioynt consent of Mr. Iohn Dod

Marshall, Stephen. A sermon of the baptizing of infants. : Preached in the Abbey-Church at Westminster, at the morning lecture, appointed by the Honorable House of Commons. By Stephen Marshall B.D. minister of the Gospel, at Finchingfield in Essex

Keach, Benjamin. Pedo-baptism disproved ; being an answer to two printed papers (put forth by some gentlemen called the Athenian Society, who pretend to answer all questions sent to them of what nature soever) called the Athenian Mercury, one put forth November 14. the other November 28, 1691. In which papers they pretend to answer eight queries about the lawfulness of infant-baptism· Likewise divers queries sent to them about the true subjects of baptism, &c