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Botero, Giovanni. Relations, of the most famous kingdoms and common-weales thorough the world. : Discoursing of their scituations, manners, customes, strengthes and pollicies. Translated into English and enlarged, with an addition of the estates of Venice, Saxony, Geneua, Hungary, and the East-Indies, in any language neuer before imprinted

Varenius, Bernhardus. Bernhardi Vareni Med. D. Geographia generalis : in qua affectiones generales telluris explicantur, summâ curâ quam plurimis in locis emendata, & xxxiii schematibus novis, aere incisis, unà cum tabb. aliquot quae desiderabantur aucta & illustrata. Ab Isaaco Newton Math. Prof. Lucasiano apud Cantabrigienses

Abbot, George. A briefe description of the whole vvorld. : VVherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdomes of the same, with their academies. Newly augmented and enlarged; with their seuerall titles and scituations thereunto adioyning