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Williams, John. The papist represented, and not misrepresented ; being in answer to the first sheet of the second part of the Papist misrepresented and represented. And for a further vindication of the catechism truly representing the doctrine and practices of the Church of Rome. Licensed, December 18. 1686

Gother, John. Papists protesting against Protestant popery. : In answer to a discourse entituled, A papist not mis-represented by Protestants. Being a vindication of The papist mis-represented and represented, and the reflections upon the answer. With allowance

Stillingfleet, Edward. The doctrine of the Trinity and transubstantiation compared, as to Scripture, reason, and tradition : in a new dialogue between a protestant and a papist. The second part. Wherein the Doctrine of the Trinity is shewed to be a agreeable to Scripture and reason, and Transubstantiation repugnant to both